"YACHT, May Excitement fill your Sails and Catch the Ham Radio Wave as we Ship our Signal around the World"  Promoting the enjoyment of Ham Radio with emphasis on youth.
Sailing on to new heights.
Our purpose is to expand the horizons in the field of contesting along with general and advanced ham radio techniques, and to foster a greater appreciation of the role they play in the overall hobby of amateur radio, as well as giving kids a challenge and enjoyment. We have 98 young hams with members in 23 states and 4 countries. We have 26 adult coaches/advisors.  Come and sail with us..
     AES Superfest 2014

of Sparks, NV.
10 yr old General

Edward, KJ4NRN, YTM#70
A very active young ham.  Check out his page and his participation in a youth Dx-pedition to Costa Rica http://www.qrz.com/db/kj4nrn
Our very first YACHT members in 2007 (L-R)  Dallas KD8ESI, Joey W9JJC, Libby K7CP, Tyler KC9FKE,  Joshua KD8FUF
Tahmara KC9UJM, age 10 YTM77 at AES Superfest 2013. Ed KG8CX, Brett KD8NAZ, and Jeremy
Highly recommended active youth group:
Viking Radio club at Eisenhower Middle School in Lawton, OK http://www.qrz.com/db/kf5crf
NEW CALL  James AB7XT above, old photo, he is now 15 and YTM#80

For more DAR/YACHT photos go here and click on the appropriate page
Check out Worldwide Friendship Net. James is Saturday N.C. http://worldwidefriendship.net/index_2.htm
Newest members:  KD8YMD YTC#31, KN5GRK YTC#32 and KF5WTU YTM#106  Interested in Joining a fast growing team? Click <Join> paage or contact kg8cx@new.rr.com  hams ages 6 to 25 welcome to join the youth division and receive a nice certificate and YTM #
An older experienced ham? Join our YACHT+(plus) group
and receive a YTC # and act as a coach & resource to others when needed.  We are now 123 members strong.
YACHT and the D.A.R. Radio club did not display at Superfest this year due in part to a smaller venue and limited table space.  However one of our members did attend...Emma KC9YGJ YTM#81 and her dad Kyle KC9SDK. 

ZS6YH Mitchel YTM#42 one of our South Africa members is now the Youth Coordinator of the SARL, the So. African equivalent of ARRL.  YACHT congratulates you, and is proud to have you on our team.
Very useful site from WK1RK Kids group.  Check them out http://www.cmrk.net/wk1rk/downloads.html
Another one of our Emma's. Our newest member. She received her call in early Sept. and is now KC9ZOD, YTM84
*Note Change*
This group meets at 9pm CST on the AA1TT-L first Sat. of the month echolink node #99875

    Y-oung A-mateurs C-ommunications H-am T-eam
Youth & Ham Radio, the future of our beloved Amateur Radio Service.  Give them your support.
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Two Youth Nets to check out.. Thur. 7pm CST on the Layfayette, LA  W5DDL rpt. echolink #759629.  Abbi KF5 BEW and Kendra KF5FYS net controls. Sam KG7HBY also runs a net on Fri. at 5:30PST on the KA7ZAU-R
New YACHT HF net info http://w8pif.webstarts.com/index.html
Click on <dar/yacht/hf page in main menu
Another Emma KC9ZOD as she passed her Tech.  She is #84
Kati K7KTI #58 a General class young ham, who has been appointed ARRL Youth Coordinator for Nevada.
Here is one of newest members, Samuel KG5AYI, YTM#95.  He is now 9 years old, and a wonderful example of a young ham op.
Zorion KG7KNK from Las Vegas.  H
Other new member from So. Africa. Angelo ZU6M YTM97.  Welcome
One of two new members from So. Africa, Cliriska ZU6BV, YTM98  Welcome aboard
Jason KD8ZYR, YTM#104 one of our newest youth members.  He is 9 years old.
WEEKLY NET REVIEW:  Our YYN of Feb. 28 brought in a total of 17 check ins from 7 states, including one from Alaska.  Net lasted 1 hour. HF youth net to begin trial run on Mar. 1, 14.320-330, and on echolink node for AC8PI, starting 12:30pm CST.  Join us on Mar. 7 for another "YACHT experience"
We appreciate our members and check ins.
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Here is a must watch video of the Space Shuttle over So. Cal.  http://marcbrecy.perso.neuf.fr/shuttlelax/Shuttlelaxvideo.html