"YACHT, May Excitement fill your Sails and Catch the Ham Radio Wave as we Ship our Signal around the World"  Promoting the enjoyment of Ham Radio with emphasis on youth.
Sailing on to new heights.
Our purpose is to expand horizons in the field of communications along with general and advanced ham radio techniques, and to foster a greater appreciation of the role they play in the overall hobby of amateur radio, as well as giving kids a challenge and enjoyment. We have 146 members in 28 states and 5 countries.   Come sail with us, and join our echolink nets.  Keep YACHT a "force" in the field of youth ham radio.  Remember to support our young friends in So. Africa..

Edward, KJ4NRN, YTM#70
A very active young ham.  Check out his page and his participation in a youth Dx-pedition to Costa Rica http://www.qrz.com/db/kj4nrn
This website was originally started by him, which he turned over to KG8CX
  Interested in Joining a fast growing team? Click <Join> link or contact kg8cx@new.rr.com  hams ages 7 to 25 welcome to join the youth division and receive a nice certificate and YTM #
An older experienced ham? Join our YACHT adult group
and receive a YTC # and act as a coach & resource to others when needed.  We are 146 members strong. Enjoy new and revised images below. Check out the new K8KDZ qrz. site **Newest members:  Nathan ZU6X YTM124 and Jared K2YSO YTM125. Welcome
We are now listed in the new Michigan ARRL section website.   http://www.mi-arrl.org  Look under the <clubs> link.

    Y-oung A-mateurs C-ommunications H-am T-eam
Youth & Ham Radio, the future of our beloved Amateur Radio Service.  Give them your support.
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Four Nets to check out.. Thur. 7pm CST on the Layfayette, LA  W5DDL rpt. echolink #759629.  Abbi KF5 BEW and Kendra KF5FYS net controls.  Not sure of the status of Sam's net on the KA7ZAU-R, Fri. 5:30pm PST
So. Africa/YACHT international friendship net at 1pm CST Sat. on the W8PIF-R.  Ham satellite net on KD0WHB-L Thurs. at 7pm MST run by Skyler YTM117
*NEW HAM ALERT* A Ham Radio Family
Samuel KG5AYI YTM95 and Dad Chad KG5AYJ YTC34 receiving their General upgrades last March.
 **On Oct. 1, both Mom and younger brother Owen, age 7 passed the Technician.  Owen's call is KG5JTA YTM123, and his mom Sonya is KG5JTB YTC44  Owen, at 7, is now the youngest YACHT member.  Congratulations to our newest members and hams.
WEEKLY NET REVIEW:  YYN of Feb. 6, 2016 was terrific..23 stations in the log, the most in months.
Welcome to newest members:  Jared K2YSO YTM125
and Jesse WU2FAN YTM126.
Hammies Net on Sat. was attended by 6 So. African hams plus Ryan VO1RCH YTM118.  Nice to see all the support from YACHT'ers and others. Next Hammies net on Feb. 27 at noon CST.
Here is a must watch video of the Space Shuttle over So. Cal.  http://marcbrecy.perso.neuf.fr/shuttlelax/Shuttlelaxvideo.html
Youth Presenters at the Hamvention Youth Forum.  Last 4 on the right are YACHT members.  What an excellent group of top notch young hams.

Carole Perry WB2MGP and Ed KG8CX
at Instructors forum, Hamvention '15
Ed was a featured speaker.
Congratulations to new Generals:  Anna KE0BDJ Lizzie KE0BDK and mom Dianne KD0BDI.  With Dad KB0BCM, they are an all-ham family.  
Congratulations to Jackson KK4NGD YTM99
for being selected as the Alabama Young Ham of the Year
CURRENT : School Club Roundup week of Feb. 9-12 on HF.  http://www.arrl.org/school-club-roundup

**NEW - Hammies  *Note time change*
So. Africa youth website  http://www.zs6zu.org.za
So. African International Youth Friendship Net
with YACHT members. 1st and 3rd Sat. at noon CST
on W8PIF-R.  Give these kids the great YACHT welcome
**NEW - ARRL Youth Net listing  http://www.arrl.org/youth-nets  We are among the first ones listed.  Support all youth nets

Check out these links
The Hammies club from South Africa.  All 6 are YACHT members, and can be heard on the So.Africa/YACHT friendship net Sat. 1pm CST on W8PIF-R  Tune in....
Chris KD8YVJ YTM109 with ARRL pres. Kay Cragie N3KN at Huntsville hamfest in 2014. Chris is now a General.
AD0JA YTM92 at the Ten-Tec museum in TN.  His sister also shown.
Skyler KD0WHB YTM117 on left at STEM school academy in Highland Ranch, CO.  He designed the school's rpt. system with Allstar and echolink, controlled by a Rasberry PI2.   Pictured at right is WY7YL the 2015 ARRL Public Relations chairman.
Go to this page for more YACHT member photos, including latest from the Hammies of So. Africa http://w8pif.webstarts.com/dar__yacht.html
Interested in creating a webpage of your own.  Please consider Webstarts  which I use for this site and W8PIF.  Excellent, easy and fun to work with.